Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The $1.00 Blog Challenge For Haiti

Kim from Irish Rose Creations has set up this wonderful donation for the many people of Haiti.  Please, if you can, go and make a donation :)

Like so many, I feel compelled to contribute in some way to the on-going relief efforts in Haiti. My initial impulse was to advertise that a percentage of my Etsy sales would go to charity. But how do I prove to my buyers that this is really where their money is going?? And I also understand not everyone has $20.00 or more to spare. Let's face it, our economy has been strained. But that shouldn't prevent us from uniting together and helping in some small way. I did some research and discovered that I could create my own fundraising web page with UNICEF, one of the most reputable organizations in these efforts, particularly for the welfare of mothers and children. As a mother myself, it has been the images of Haitian children during these last few days that has just tugged at my heart. So my challeng to you is to donate just $1.00 to my UNICEF Fundrasing efforts. This donation goes directly to UNICEF. I set a goal of $500.00 and feel confident that this can easily be met. To donate:

And please post about this challenge on your blog and add the button below to link back here:

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